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My Q·loyalty Summary

Check your Qoo10 information and receive various benefits.

Qpoint/ Qstamp/ Callpoint is valid for 6 months. (from 2016.2.16), The Share Reward is a sharing reward in this month. (Including estimated reward)

Q·members Program

Fantastic benefits for Qoo10 members

This month's Reward * These coupons are valid for 1 month.
VIP Member
Credit Points ≥ 50
& At least 20 purchases & $200 within the last 3 months.
Gold Member
30 ≤ Credit Points < 50
& At least 10 purchases & $50 within the last 3 months.
Silver Member
15 ≤ Credit Points < 30
& At least 5 purchases & $30 within the last 3 months.
Green Member
0 ≤ Credit Points < 15
* Conditions and Requirements of each level must be completely met in order to qualify for the upgrade. Credit point

What is credit point?

Credit point(s) are issued to a member when order is completed, or deducted when order is cancelled/refunded. The cumulative credit points of member are used to determine membership level.

[Issuing credit point]
- Qoo10 member registration:5 points.
- Completed order: 1 point

[Deducing credit point]
- Cancelled or refunded order: 1~4 points

*For more details, please check at 'My info > My credit points'.

Q·reward Notice

You can receive Qpoint when confirm delivery and write your own review.

Q·event Dashboard

Here is a list of current events.

2-3 July 2020

Week is Ending!

Terms and Conditions

  • - Event runs from 02-03 Jul 2020 (Event Period).
  • - Coupons may only be received during Event Period.
  • - Coupons are valid only for the duration of the Event Period.
  • - $8 off minimum purchase of $60
    •     - Coupon redemption available start on 02 Jul 00:00H.
    •     - Coupon is limited to a total of 50,000 applicants.

  • - Applicants may only redeem once per coupon during the Event Period.
  • - Event application/purchases are only available within Qoo10 Singapore (www.qoo10.sg).
  • - Entries received after the Event Period will be invalid and no refunds will be issued.
  • - Coupons cannot be sold or exchanged for cash.
  • - Qoo10 Singapore reserves the rights to make any amendments to the Terms and Conditions herein at any point in time, without prior notice.
  • - By participating in this event, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, the User Agreement, and the decisions of Qoo10.

Benefit Event Period Presented By Limit
2019-03-29 ~ 2020-12-31 Qoo10

MameGo Roulette Chance

Play the roulette with MameQ and get discount!

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Buy Qpoint items and receive special Qpoints!

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