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707 Instant Water Heater

Start your wonderful day with Queenston Instant Water Heater

Queenston's state of art digital water heater, paired with a spa rain shower set, is the perfect match for your wonderful shower.
The water heater is durable and great on heat efficiency with the heating element contained in a separate stainless steel water channel and encased in cast aluminum.
Its smart thermostatic control allows for consistent water temperature and it can also supply hot water to two outlets points within the same bathroom.

The Perfect Shower
The Princeton was created to deliver a singular shower experience to households. Equipped with multiple features that exceed
Singapore safety standards, the Princeton is housed in an elegant exterior that exudes sheer luxury. Complemented with the unique
Oracle-Slim rain shower head, the 707 Princeton offers endless pleasures in the shower.

Shower from The Heart

Generations have leaned upon the proven performance of the 707 Alpine for the irreplaceable comforts of their daily showers.
Built for simplicity and strength, designed and engineered for safety and reliability, the Alpine remains the faithful household heater of
choice for families everywhere.

707 Storage Water Heater

Be Assured with Close-Up15 Storage Water Heater with 10years Warranty

Meticulously built with the finest materials, the Holland-made Close-up15 fully exhibits our pledge for quality.
The 100% copper tank is corrosion-resistant, prolonging the lifespan and improving the heating efficiency.
With the compact and geometrically shaped exterior, Close-up15 well-matches the design and space constraints of every bathroom.

Bask in Happiness

The Kensington aims to provide an enjoyable shower experience for the whole family. A robust and durable storage heating unit,
the Kensington reliably takes care of everyone’s shower needs, from young to old, generation to generation.

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