DFF2U Ostelin Vitamin D3 1000IU 300 Capsules

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Question & Answer
  • Answered
    wktham 2021-03-22
    Good evening. The voucher given to you is for you to purchase from our website. You can use the voucher purchase from DFF2U website. Key in voucher code to get discount if your purchase is more than USD50. Thank you very much
    DFF2U 2021-03-22
  • Answered
    wktham 2021-02-22
    Good morning. Now on hand stock only have 2 bottles of 130capsules. New stock for 300 capsules not yet arrive. Thank you very much.
    DFF2U 2021-02-22
    Good evening. May I know tentatively by when your this 300 capsules packing is expected to come in..? Any further discount for me if I am to buy down this remaining 2 bottles of 130 capsules packing from you first and followed by my subsequent order to you buying this 300 capsules packing once it arrives..? (Tentatively buying 3 bottles of 300 capsules packing provided the Due date for Expiry far is Longer. Thank you.
    For this remaining 2 bottles we can offer 10% discount to you. Thank you.
    Hi good evening.. Can you please advise on how am I to proceed placing an order with you for this 2 bottles (130 capsules each bottle) in order to benefit for a 10% discount..? May I know the Expiry date for this 2 bottles..?

    Can you at the same time provide me with a tentative date on when this 300 capsules packing could arrive you. Thank you.
    Good morning. We have set up 10% discount for 2 bottles. The expiry date is Jun2022. For the 300 capsules it may take 14 to 21days to arrive because supplier is facing with high demand, and international flights are limited due to Covid pandemic outbreak is getting severe in Victoria. It is advisable to lock in your order to secure the stock as incoming qty is limited only.
    Hi good afternoon, what do you mean by to lock in your order ..? It means to mark it on my Wish List ..? Please advise.

    Will be placing the 2 bottles of 130 capsules from shortly from now (in an hour time)... Thank you.
    Sorry, it means to place a valid order to book the incoming qty.
    Okay... Get what you say... Will place a booking say in another coming few days (maybe upon acknowledge receipt of this 2 bottles of 130 capsules from you.

    BTW, I have just placed an order with you for this 2 bottles of (130 capsules per bottle) under Qoo10 Cart number : 142414871 and the amount I have already paid is S$69.59 (after less out the eligible points I have with Qoo10 BUT doesn't seem there is any 10% discount received from you. Can you explain what is the reason behind..? Thanks.
    We set 2 units discount at 10%. So we should receive payment of $66.60. Original for 2 bottles is $37X2=74. What is the amout that you pay ? We can't see your actual payment. If it is not correct, I thind we should do it another way.
    The screen we see
    There is another screen which we managed to capture as attached, think this is correct.
    The amount for this 2 bottles I had paid is S$69.59 (which include S$3.99 for delivery charges + S$1 as a redemption of my points with Qoo10). This means I am paying for S$70.59 for buying these 2 bottles from you. Attached you can find screen shot of the payment to Qoo10 via PayPal to you (DFF2U) and screen shot of the Order from Qoo10 for the delivery charges at S$3.99.

    So will you be returning back to me with a refund S$69.59 - S$66.60 = S$2.99..? Thanks
    In this attachment is the Order with you for this 2 bottles via Qoo10 and you can notice that the delivery charges I had paid is S$3.99 (shipping rate) = available at the bottom of the screen shot.
    Good evening Mr.Tham, your payment is correct as per the discount that we set, because courier charges is not free from Qxpress :
    2 bottles = $66.6 (before discount is $74)
    Courier = $3.99
    Total = $70.59
    Coupon = - $1.00 (your redemption)
    You pay = $69.59
    Good morning, Thanks for your clarification. More likely than not, I may have inadvertently misinterpreted the figure amount displayed at the webpage. All are understood now.
    Good morninng. Thank you very much for your support.
  • Answered
    wktham 2020-08-03
    Good afternoon. Existing stock has been shipped out, new stock are on the way, usually has expiry date of one year and above. Thank you very much.
    DFF2U 2020-08-03
    Okay... Understand... I will be placing an order with you after replying you now. Yes, I need a Long Expiry date because we cannot finish all up so fast and prefer to buy extra quantity because we are quite worried about any delay of new shipment coming in due to COVID-19 restriction. Thanks.
    I will hold on for just 1 day because my friend (may) wish to add to my this order for 1 or 2 bottles. Not sure yet and now waiting for his reply. Thanks.
    Good afternoon. Noted.
    Hi, please take note that my friend will order himself. I have just place an order for 2 bottles from you now. Please give me the product with a Long Expiry date because other Sellers out are selling the same product with an Expiry date of year 2022. Since I have bought from you previously, I prefer to repeat this order from you instead of placing an order from another Supplier. Thank you.
    Good afternoon. Supplier from Australia usually provides new stock. Thank you very much.
    Thank you for this update. I have already placed an order for 2 bottles from you on Aug 05, 2020 (Cart no. 138046485). Look forward in receiving the items from you soon. Thanks.
    Good morning. Thank you for the order, will process it accordingly.
    Hi, may I check with you on (tentatively) when your shipment is expected to arrive and when this order can be delivered to me..? Thanks.
    Good morning. The manufacturer had send to our Australia warehouse. Now we are arranging to ship out from there, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak is getting worse in Australia, international flights are limited. We are trying to get hold of a plane by next week if possible.
    Thank you for your update. Please keep me posted on the development at your side and hopefully by end of next week or the week after next week I can receive the product in this order. Thanks.
    Good morning. We are following up with the delivery and will update you again. Thank you for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience caused.
    Thank you for responding and greatly appreciate your effort doing so. Rather than I have experienced through and came across placing an order with payments made at this platform for supplement capsules, the Supplier just kept silent for quite a long time without replying even after repeated inquiries were put out here. Eventually the Supplier replied in giving lots of excuses borrowing the weight is due to COVID-19 and is unable to supply. Thanks.
    Good morning. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Answered
    holler_su 2020-08-03
    Private Enquiry
    DFF2U 2020-08-03
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