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  • Answered
    Mdm Pang 2020-12-30
    All of our Kundal products are shipped sequentially,
    so it is difficult to inform the exact date of the production date.
    Also, please note that the products sold for $4.9 are part of the clearance sale,
    and the products sold at the regular price are recently manufactured products.
    KUNDAL Korea 2020-12-30
  • Answered
    lhnew 2020-07-31
    Hi customer!
    Sadly, our kundal hair care products are not specially made for oily scalp and anti-dandruff.
    But they all contain lots of naturally-derived ingredients that all types of scalp can use.

    To give you more detailed reply about our products,
    Our Nature Shampoo contains honey extract and Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Extract.
    It can help make your hair soft and moisturized.
    It contains lots of naturally-derived ingredients such as Soybean seed extract and Sesame seed extract that can help maintain your hair healthy.
    KUNDAL Korea 2020-07-31
    We also recommend using the treatment, super pack, or hair serum after shampoo for more effective hair care.
    Our treatment has LPP(low-molecular-weight polypeptides) that can deliver nutrients to damaged hair. The Super Pack can help make your hair shiny and silky with its Honey Extract and Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Extract.
    Our hair serum is made of pure and high enriched oil which is originated from plants and has a high quality of moisturization, so it can help your damaged hair keep healthy and moist.
    Please make sure to use those three products concentrating on the end of the hair, not on the scalp.
    Here is the link to these 3 products for you.
    Regarding dandruff, there could be various causes of dandruff such as unbalance of hormone, excessive secretion.
    Micro dust and the external factor could also be the reason of the dandruff.
    If the sebum of the scalp and the micro dust are not cleaned well after you use hair products or your scalp not getting dry enough after using hair products, these also could be the reason.
    And make sure that you rinse the hair thoroughly to avoid dirt getting left on the scalp. Lastly, please blow dry your hair completely.

    Hope you find this helpful!
    And thanks for visiting KUNDAL. :)
  • Answered
    phu******* 2020-07-13
    Hi lovely customer!
    Please understand that it is quite hard for us to give you a clear reply regarding its restock plan.
    But we are definitely trying our best to provide good products to our customers.
    Thank you for your ongoing support on our brand.
    If you have further questions, please feel free to ask. :)
    KUNDAL Korea 2020-07-13
  • Answered
    pan******* 2020-07-13
    Hi lovely customer!
    Here are the full ingredients list of our nature shampoo.
    Since it has gone through a renewal, we send you two versions of ingredients list.
    In the case of baby powder fragrance, the renewed version will be delivered, which is the first image.
    In case of the other fragrances, the previous version product will be delivered, which is the second image.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask us.
    Thank you!
    KUNDAL Korea 2020-07-13
    And this is for the ylang ylang and clean soap.
    Thank you very much!
    Thank YOU for visiting KUNDAL. :)
    Hope you have a great day!
  • Answered
    ade******* 2020-06-30
    Hi lovely customer!
    May I ask which fragrance of the nature shampoo exactly you want to know about?
    We will give you a detailed answer if you could let us know the name of the fragrance.
    We will be waiting for your reply.
    Thanks for visiting KUNDAL!
    KUNDAL Korea 2020-07-01
    Does the effect vary for different fragrance? Which is the best for scalp care and hair loss? Thanks.
    Hi lovely customer!
    This is KUNDAL, a premium nature brand *^^*
    There is no difference in the product,
    only the fragrance is different, so please purchase the fragrance you prefer.
    Also, our Nature Shampoo is not exclusively for hair loss,
    but it contains soybean seed extract, sesame seed extract, and panthenol,
    which help to create a healthy scalp environment,
    helping to make the scalp and hair healthy.
    It contains a large amount of plant-based ingredients,
    so it can be used on all scalp.
    If you have further questions, please feel free to ask.
    Thank you *^^*
  • Answered
    umm******* 2020-06-03
    Hi, lovely customer!
    Regarding your inquiry, Glycerin was extracted from plant.
    Also Our Kundal shampoo contains honey extract, which is an animal-based ingredients.
    Thank you for visiting KUNDAL :)
    KUNDAL Korea 2020-06-04
  • Answered
    jar******* 2020-05-09
    Private Enquiry
    KUNDAL Korea 2020-05-11
  • Answered
    jch******* 2020-05-02
    Here you are!
    You can copy it and search on the internet.
    Thank you!
    KUNDAL Korea 2020-05-04
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