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    서울특별시 금천구 가산디지털1로 181 *****

    181 Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul *****

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Shipping Information

    • After the payment, shipping average is 1~2 dyas (sat/sun/holiday exemption)
    • However an inventory of the situation and the shipping company (postal),
    • depending on the circumstances of shipping can be delayed or canceled, Please Understanding.

    • Until a place of arrical from KOREA, the product is shipped through post office average take about 2~15 days.
    • But airlines, customs and shipping delays due to circemstances may be.

    • Shipping Method (sat/sun/holiday exemption)
    •   - EMS (Express Mail Service) - After shipping, need 2-5 day
    •   - EURASIA - After shipping, delivered in 5-10 days (only working day)
    •   - International registered mail - After shipping, delivered in 10-15 days (only working day)

  • if you have any question about shipping,please e-mail us.
  • E-mail :

Exchange / Refund / Return Information

    • Exchange / Refund Method

    •   If you want to get refund or return item you received, FIRST, Please cantact us.

    •   And you have received from customer care center is possible after identification of the products will be refuned.

    •   E-mail : 

    • Exchange / Refund Period

    •   5 days from the date of when receive products.

    • Exchange / Refund shipping fee

    •   exchange / refund for change customer's mind, the return of the products (delivery) is required to be paid by costs.
    •   If products are defects/breakdown, exchange/refund is free.

  • In case of refund/exchange imppossible. (for the following return / exchange is impposible)

  •   - If the Installation is complete or the package is opened or value damaged, exchage/refund impossible, plage understanding.
  •   - Over exchange / refund period
  •   - Products and components lost or damaged and because of carelessness defect / breakdown / contaminated.
  •   - In case of products are no defect or vreakdown as you check before installation. ex) household applicances, etc.
  •   - In case of lens product when mounted in the body.
  •   - In case of exchage/refund, if pickup delayed because of customers responsibility. exchange/refund is able to limit.
  •   - Due to difference in monitor resolution, color or images may differ from the actual for that reason exchange/refund is able limit.
  •   - For some products the manufacturer of the circumstances (new model launches, etc.) and parts price fluctuations, exhcange rate, etc,
  •     can be changed by the price, resulting in price return and compensation is not allowed.
  •   - Due to extreme weather for bad weathe may delay shipping.
  •   - If customers returned unavoidable reasons, the round-trip shipping fee is pay by customers.

After Service Information

    • World Warranty applies to a local repair of goods if the country is the principle.
    • If world warranty does not applied to the case of products is one year warranty applies in South Korea.
    •   - Caused by the customers carelessness, your round-trip shipping fee is pay costomer.
    •   - Caused by the products are defect/breakdown, your round-trip shipping fee is paid "1st".

    • E-mail :
    • E-mail is always availaable and more recommended.

  • Thank you for your visit to "1st" store.