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Be sure to read your order.
All the products sold at Osaka grocery store are Japanese domestic products and are 100% authentic.
However, the origin may not be from Japan as an OEM.
- The delivery period takes about 7 days to 10 days after payment. We will contact you separately if there is a reason for delay in delivery.
- Please understand that it is difficult to cancel the order as it has been placed with the supplier when the order is ready for delivery. (If you want to cancel, you can pay 25SGD per return shipment.)
-All goods sold at the Osaka Japa store will be shipped via QExpress.

For electronic products, it is Japanese internal storage and 110V.

- As foreign purchasing agent products do not own and sell their own inventory, exchange service for other products is not allowed through simple change.
-There is no substitute for return collection because there is no substitute for return collection.
-We don't have stock in stock, so you can't exchange it. We're giving you a refund. So if you need a product, please order it again.
- You must check with the seller at the time of return and return to the address specified by the seller.
- There is also a expiration date for return from Japan to the supplier, so you must return it quickly when making a return decision.
-As we have to take the item back to you and return it back to the supplier, if it doesn't go fast, we won't accept it from overseas stores, so please be warned again.
-Refunds are processed on the Q10 system, so you can contact the Q10 customer center for details.

Regarding refunds for returns

- If you open the package, you cannot resell it, so you cannot return it.
- You must send it to Japan within the legal deadline via post office EMS, etc. at customer expense.
- You will be charged separately for the initial shipping cost and the shipping cost to Japan. You will incur a return fee if you are simply changing your mind.
- Return expenses due to simple change = Return international shipping fee + customs/additional tax + local return shipping + re-packaging expenses
- If you have a defective product, please send it to the location designated by the seller in order to check the defects in the product in a timely manner, and we will respond quickly after judging whether the product is defective.
- There may be a misattachment when the invoice is attached. If it's O-Bae, we're picking it up again and re-sending it.
-If used after opening, and if contaminated, actual cost will be charged.

It is not a product defect and cannot be returned for the following reasons:

- Reasons for dust and minor contamination of shoes due to display, storage and movement from suppliers
- Reasons for the spread of color around the area due to the dyeing of fabric, leather etc. that appear to be processually
- In case the product box, such as toys, is crushed or crushed during delivery without affecting the product contents
-The color of the product image may vary depending on the quality of the monitor and if there is a difference from the color you think.
- Minor changes within similar design of product images (shortcuts, buckles, strings, packaging, font size, location, product renewal due to discontinuation, etc.)
- Difference depending on individual characteristics (shoes, clothing, etc., wear, touch, grip, etc.)
- Individuals' subjective judgments (smaller or opposite)

In case of non-return
-In the following cases, rejection of return and return will be processed:
- International shipping and return charges will be charged, so pack carefully when you return them.
- in the event that a product is removed or used, the product's value is lost due to damaged packaging;
- in case the value of goods or products has been significantly reduced to a point where resale has been difficult.
- If you do not know how to use it and use it too much, you may experience a failure.
- Returned by removing contents of packing boxes, removal of items, paper or plastic bags
- Returned with tape and invoice attached to the main box of the product
- In case the product box is lost or damaged

Product Return Procedure

- In the event of return, you must mark your return through the open market. In case of a voluntary return without prior contact, your address will be cleared and sent back to you. The liability shall not be borne by Osaka Japenjeom.

1. Please wrap the product in a non-separated box, including shoe box and contents packaging as it was originally shipped.
2. Send it to the address that you have received through the post office EMS at the expense of the buyer.
3. Take a picture of the EMS invoice and let the seller know.
4. Please deposit the initial shipping and return expenses in Japan with the account number that the seller instructed you to do in the text message.
5. The return authorization is processed after checking the return deposit and checking the return item.

Customer Service

- As you live overseas, urgent matters will be sent by text message (please understand that you cannot call)
We can text you locally in Japan regarding your order and customs.
If you have any questions, please leave them in your market enquiry and we'll answer them as soon as possible.