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SMIB SINGAPORE PTE LTD is the Sole Distributor for the Korean brand SMIB [스미브], SMIB is the sister company of the very first made hair loss prevention hair dryer.

SMIB [스미브] seeks to deliver easy-to-use, perfectly balanced products for the consumers. They are also the first to introduce Calcium into their Innabi range of shampoos that helps to prevent hair loss.

Calcium makes our scalp healthy. It is effective in relieving inflammatory itch and provides a protective barrier on our scalp. However, this mineral is difficult to incorporate into shampoos or cosmetics due to its poor water solubility. Fortunately, we discovered that by using high quality calcium extracted from edible corals, we are able to combine these properties successfully and such calcium is more costly due to its complexity in the extraction process. At SMIB we hope all consumers can benefit from our products, therefore we strive to keep prices affordable for everyone.

Plasma (the latest phenomenon hitting the market) cleans and disinfects contaminants from the scalp. It also alleviates inflammatory itch and improves scalp condition. Most importantly, Plasma absorbs essential minerals like Calcium. Our Plasma scalp massager, which is shaped like your regular comb, utilises the same concept. You simply just need to comb your hair with the device! For maximum effectiveness, use our Shampoo, Treatment and Essence together with the Plasma scalp massager.

Start using our Coral Calcium Shampoo and Plasma Scalp Massager to improve your scalp condition with fast result!


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