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    rate: 25Ineffective & Overpriced Product + Horribly Rude & Arrogant Staff

    Don’t waste your money buying LipoDOWN 2 as it’s ineffective & overpriced! Not only did I fail to lose any weight, but I also felt terribly unwell when I first took the slimming pills as I experienced heartburn & palpitations! Furthermore, the person in charge of Lifestream Group’s online purchases & queries, DAPHNE, was blatantly rude, arrogant & offensive when attending to my queries! I called her office as I was wondering why a particular customer reviewed that he/she had received a gift when there wasn’t any gift offered during the ‘2 For $129’ promotion. Instead of conducting a thorough investigation into the matter, Daphne yelled at me, “FREE GIFTS ARE ONLY GIVEN DURING PROMOTIONAL PERIODS! SO, WHAT’S THE ISSUE?!” I was utterly appalled by her yelling & rudeness as I repeatedly told her that I was perfectly aware that there was no gift given for my purchase but was wondering why there was a discrepancy in the gift giving & NOT that I was desperate for the pathetic gift! However, Daphne still failed to understand what the real issue was & even sarcastically shouted when I asked her why she kept stating the obvious : “IT’S BECAUSE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!”. As I wanted to lodge a complaint against her, I asked to speak to her manager. Again, she arrogantly hollered at me, “LET ME TALK TO HIM FIRST & SEE IF HE WANTS TO SPEAK TO YOU!” How could she treat her customer so rudely & high-handedly? This was totally uncalled for! Moreover, she adamantly refused to reveal her manager’s name when I repeatedly asked her for it. Till today, her manager still hasn’t called me to offer an apology for her notorious attitude & behaviour! Please read Daphne’s response to my 1st review (5/3/20) on 11/3/20 which evidently showed that she not only failed to apologise for her horrible attitude & behaviour that day but also misled other customers into thinking that I failed to understand that gifts were only given during promotional periods & that I expected a gift for my purchase. She had absolutely distorted the truth of the matter! The matter would have been resolved amicably if Daphne had conducted a thorough investigation into the matter & politely clarified that her company sometimes had several different promotions in a month, & that that particular customer bought the product during another ‘2 For $129’ promotion which offered a gift. Please STOP addressing me as your “Valued Customer” & claiming that “We’ll do our best for our customers” when Daphne’s obnoxious attitude, behaviour & actions proved otherwise! Indeed, you are the WORST Qoo10 seller I’ve ever encountered! I’ll never patronise rude & haughty sellers who think that they can thrive in their businesses without respecting & valuing their customers at all!

    Mar 26, 2020
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    rate: 75Fast efficient delivery.

    Fast delivery. Repeat purchase

    Mar 15, 2020
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    rate: 100Ok product.....

    Fast delivery. I lost 1kg. Helps but not that much.

    Mar 08, 2020
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