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Its key feature is our PERMASORP CORE!

It is thinner, more absorbent, more breathable and more comfortable.

And most importantly, it doesn’t contain any bacteria breeding wood pulp.

So, what else makes a 3rd Generation Diaper better than a 2nd Generation Diaper?


This video shows you a comparison of the absorption speed between a leading diaper brand and Pee-Ka-Poo diapers.

This proves that Pee-Ka-Poo diapers absorbs much quicker than leading brands, ensuring dryness, therefore no diaper rashes.


Having a dry butt is a major concern when it comes to diapers

When babies put their weight on diapers, how much pee actually leaks back to touch the skin?

The video shows that Pee-Ka-Poo diapers lock in wetness way better than other leading brands.

3 Super Dry

After absorbing 300ml of pee, we squeezed a leading diaper brand and Pee-Ka-Poo diapers.

The result shows brand X still leaks while Pee-Ka-Poo remains dry. Urine on the skin breeds bacteria that cause odours and diaper rash, demonstrating here that Pee-Ka-Poo prevents diaper rash.


Even after a diaper absorbs pee, the density of the core of a diaper determines if pee leaks or stays in the diaper.

The video shows that many leading brands have cores that are very loose.

When toddlers move, this causes the core to split, leading to leakage spots.

Pee-Ka-Poo’s Permasorp Core doesn’t split despite movement even from the most active toddlers, therefore preventing leakage.

5 No Breakage

Many diapers in the market use wood pulp.

The problem with wood pulp is that it is not breathable and it breaks easily, especially when toddlers move.

This video shows that leading brands with wood pulp have hollow breakage areas that allow leaks to happen while Pee-Ka-Poo’s Permasorp Core remains intact throughout the diaper.


Whether a diaper is comfortable or not, all you need to do is touch and you’ll know.

Pee-Ka-Poo diapers are so soft and comfortable and they are also thinner than most leading diaper brands, yet more absorbent.

Pee-Ka-Poo uses the latest technology to produce its diapers and we select the finest of materials to ensure comfort and safety. Assuring your peace of mind.

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